I can still remember the old woman that I met 7 years ago and I was 20 years of age that time. We had a few conversation but I can say that the conversation we had was a memorable one for me. I still remember the words that she told me about her being passionate about wearing lipstick every single day of her life when she started to have a relationship with her husband.

One afternoon, while working in a souvenir shop as a saleslady, I met an old woman. She used to buy a souvenir shirt for her husband. And as I remember, she was 55 years old that time, but she looks 10 years younger than her age. Her posture and her face, especially her lips are very gorgeous. And that time she wore a red lipstick, that made her lips kissable.

While the old woman was choosing a shirt for her husband, I talked to her professionally while offerring other souvenir  items that she might care for. As time goes on, she noticed my lips and she told me that I should take care of it more and I smiled with a question "Why?,How?What for?" in my mind. But that question in my mind was answered very quick. And I was amazed in her because I think she knew what's on my mind! Maybe because of the reaction she saw on my face. A thinking face but with a bit of smile!

She told me that her husband loves kissing her, especially when they woke-up in the morning. "Kissing me in the morning is the first thing that my husband usually wants to do!"..she mentioned. And I was surprised when she shared me her secret on how her husband likes her lips, especially in the morning. She told me that she used to put a lipstick on her lips before bedtime, for her lips looks more kissable when she wakes up in the morning. Until, I find myself staring at her because she really has a kissable lips inspite of her age and she laughs when I said nothing but "Oh my Gosh!" because of that, she laughs at me and told me that lipstick is the most important cosmetic a lady or a woman should have. And that conversation ends when her personal driver arrives. Then, she bought the souvenir shirt for husband and pay it at the counter as the customer usually do. And before she leaves I thank her not just because she bought a souvenir in me, but also in a fruitful conversation that we had.

Now I am married with my husband for a couple of years and we had a handsome child. And the secret is wearing lipstick before bedtime (laughs) and it is effective. Every woman should try it. Honestly, it adds excitement in every relationship.